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Business Planning and Funds!

If you want to start a business then i would suggest you to consult with Business Development Consultant for sure. Because if they will help you with your

  1. Business Planning
  2. Project report
  3. Strategie
  4. Line of action
  5. Resources management
  6. Fund raising

Taking credit and running Business is a bit risk taking , its okay to take risk in business, but taking risk without planning will lead our business to down arrow. So befor taking credit i will suggest for Business planning. If planning went great then plan for line of actions , strategies and most importantly Business Project Report. Business development consultant will help you with it and then you will know exact how much fund do you need in the start. You can calculate your ROI and then plan for next funding anf returns.

Maybe be if Business plan is good enough then Business Development Consultant or a Business Development firm will rise funds for you without credit.

Taking credit for Business might include collateral based credit .

There are some credits you can take benifit. Like a credit provide by government. Like in India we have PMEGP & CMEGP (Google it for more details and eligibility) .

This scheme run by state and central gov . This scheme is non collateral based scheme which help you to get a credit on your project report from your bank with minimum rate of interest which starts from 4% P.A. and depends on loan amount and bank it may vary. This scheme also give you subsidy upto 35% of your loan amount . This scheme support woman empowerment.

My 13+ client had benifits from this scheme , we made their project report and also help them to establish their small scale business in various manufacturing field.

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