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A story of a common individual to an amazing personality

Every individual wants to speak and enjoy but only few people try and overcome it
So, let me share with you the story of a person named X.

Before we begin, I want you all to question whether you are going on the right path or not. Imagine it in your mind and keep it ready to recheck it when we reach the end of the story.

          Start thinking about his/her idea There lived a person named X who was really passionate about his dreams. He was having lots of ideas, which were popping up in his mind since childhood. But he/she was an introverted person and was unable to share his idea or thought with anyone. So, X used to always think that he must do something on his own. Then he started to think of it every time by himself to find out the path. So that he can fulfil the dreams which he was dreaming of.

Let us know further whether he/she was able to get a path or not?

Since he/she is an introvert, he needs to come out of that particular zone that he/she has built around himself. When he/she will bring down the walls then only there is a chance that he/she overcomes from it. For him/her to overcome the particular area he has to start speaking. For that he/she must-attend events which conduct varied sessions on how to interact with other people. Have to be ready to build a connection with an unknown stranger. As the days passed on and then he/she reached their college life and he/she was still the same person. Then after a few days and getting to see other people around he/she started to interact.  With one or two-person and as the days were gone he/she was having a bunch of friends with whom he/she can share anything and felt overjoyed. So, X has gone into an area where he/she is able to share his/her feelings and thoughts freely with anyone. Due to the network built by him/her with the people he/she found a path through which they can achieve their childhood dreams.

Let us know now what made him become from an introvert to an extrovert personality

From his childhood, he was not having such willpower and thought that he can interact with people because he was scared that if he talks then they will be given an answer-back or not. who is like-minded and elsewhere he was not having any idea how to come out of the shield that he has built over himself? Now, let us see the scenario of how he was able to meet new people and interact with them and start speaking with them like coming all over his comfort zone and doing something different which makes him a personality with whom everyone wants to speak.

Thinking still how he has reached such a position?

I know that you all would be thinking that how X has reached such a position coming out of the zone which he was feeling that he will not be able to overcome.
He/she starts to interact with people
who is always forward and first and coming to B he told him/her to be Brave, C told him to be Confident, D taught him to be Daring so that if any situation arises he must be ready to face it. And finally, the most exciting lesson was given by an individual it is none other than E it directed him towards a new beginning that is Entrepreneurship which means a person who has a new thought can do anything he can and achieve for that sake he asked his friends S which is Self-Confidence, I-Idea & Innovative, C-Creativity and many people to help him out to become a person with whom anyone will be willing to meet. Now, coming to the climax of our story X has overcome his/her fear and came out of the blurry picture which was Infront of him/her and he/she maintained what all his fellow individuals have taught him/her and he/she succeeded well in his/her life. So, people never think that you can’t gain anything there is one way or the other through which you will be able to reach your path.
Finally, he/she becomes an extrovert

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