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How to grow Business?

Go for overseas business . Tieup some new clients from overseas.

We also faces these problems earlier days of my business. Then i just ping lots of Businesses by mail, by dropping them my company cover letter, also made a list of my friends who are studying , working and living at foreign countries.

I ask them to get their locals Business Development Consultant numbers , emails or if possible fix online appointment for me. I had just meetings with them continuously for next complete one month. I ask them to outsource Business like web development, application development or digital marketing such contract.

Some of then were not having such contact as i want but still my network was build great and the best thing is i only get 25% sucess from this but now i have friends and Business associate’s network all over the globe and i am continuously talking to them so that i dont losa connection with them.

This is how i am building my network and getting clients. Maybe it will be helpful for you. Its maybe time-consuming process but it will help you with concrete plan for your business.

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