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No Doubt college is the best place where we explore ourselves in all terms, it is a place where we live life like a legend no worries about anything except party Kon Dega 😇

Student life is full of surprises

Yeah, you read correctly surprises of college bunking, surprises of College events and most crucial Surprise tests 🤪 that happen anytime unknowingly. Still, most important we are ready to face everything whether it is a Surprise test or any Challenge.

We have a different level of curiosity and are very possessive about our college Image we do lots of bitching about our college but when someone other trying to do will fight them without listing next word.😎

I know most of you guys started thinking about your college days “Woh bhi kya din the” Am I right!!!!

You were thinking why I am writing this 🧐 because I was in that phase in 2017 in my last year of Graduation, I enjoyed the whole three years of Engineering but when I started my 4th year of Engineering I was searching for an Internship and Looking for College events and Hackathons Details where I can apply and sharp my skills but that time I was completely failed to find the Free Internship and all

But I am happy, People have taken the Initiative and created the Chatrashala Application where Students can find Internship, Scholarship, Campus Drive, Community connections, Various Job Opportunities and Skill Development Program

You can also find the latest news about the Startup sector, this application is really going to help all the learners who are enthusiasts about College events Trends and love to solve the quizzes

Chatrshala is the 21st-century College events application for Engineers and other students, An Event Platform where all types of College Events, are available for all backgrounds for getting the Trending Events Near me, and News details about Education, Opportunities like Scholarship, Fellowship Program, Internship, Skill Development Program, Campus Placement drive to your nearby college, National and International Conference and Meetups, Mentors support and many more.

This College Event app is power-packed with exclusive features to help students find better Events & Fellowship Here’s what’s in store for you:

Do you know what the top feature of Chatrashala is:

  1. Live Event Session – Join live events and boot camps through Chatrashala from various industry experts and community experts
  2. Live Webinar – Free access to most of the industry webinars of all sectors for College students
  3. Motivational Shorts Videos – We have crafted the “shorts” video section of inspirational video
  4. Campus Drive Section – You will see the list of an open campuses and apply now
  5. Community Section: We a part of various Active global communities and learn from them
  6. Digital Events Section: Attend various Digital events in the Events section
  7. Opportunity Section: Find a suitable Internship and job opportunity near you
  8. Conference and Meetups: Get Industry ready with attending various live meetups and conferences in your city and International as well
  9. BootCamps: Various live Events and Skill development boot camps in various Areas, Technical as well as Non-Technical
  10. Quizzes: Play daily quizzes and win exclusive student rewards and also get a chance to attend Quizzes Challenges organized by Tech Community

Let us know if you have installed the application, I am eagerly waiting to write your review and share with people about your experiences, Do you know #chatrashala team is ready to customise the feature as per students’ requirements they are very Student-centric.

Do comment your views in the comment section.

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