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8 week Journey of Instagram

How two guys made an app in 8 weeks


Grieving for what you haven’t made however needed to? Doubtlessly, you are on the correct track of making some unprecedented stuff for what’s to come. You never knew how Facebook and Instagram began their pounding venture a couple of years back from now. It’s not even late to begin a Startup. What you need to would consistently keep the accompanying in your care and heart.


The idea is a super amazing word that illuminates the hidden thinking power in the human mind through your eyes for hope, Hope for developing something new, Hope for Innovation and Invention, No one will make you creative unless you find the perfect need of innovation.

Note down the potential outcomes. Conceivable outcomes are one of the significant errands that you need to do all alone! Create your thoughts into the little model, and you are finished with your thoughts!

Get Rejected

Rejection is the first step to in achieving success, it will tell us we are on the right track, if you remember the story of Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba said in an interview

“Harvard rejected me 10 Times, KFC hired 23 of 24 Candidates and I was the 24th one!”

Keep reminding yourself that, Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, started the beautiful app development by learning the code at night after work. Do you think coding is easy for a job holder? 

He developed a prototype HTML5 called Burbn and gave the prototype to his friends. He met with the investors and showed them the Burbn! And then he Quit his job and started his own Burbn based app. Well, quitting a job is one kind of REJECTION!

Meet Co-founder

Kevin found a co-founder MIKE and the bubbles started popping in their heads and that’s when they found the idea: FOCUS ON PHOTO! That’s the one major risk they took while smartphone cameras just started to enroll in to the minds of the users.

Facebook and Instagram have been together since 2013. Well, would you agree if I said, KEVIN burnt his Burbn prototype and now he is doing his own job! You might get a heart attack by now! Facebook itself was started by Mark Zuckerberg, a college dropout Computer Engineer, who emerged with social values and started the website for college students.

He founded the Sponsor groups in 2006. From then it’s been the most amazing website we have ever found.

At last Keep growing

Failure is just a good lesson for us seatback is the problem If you failed once, try thrice. but never stop doing, Well, it’s for the serious people who really want to start the better startup. Gather ideas, generate ideas, do some prototyping and launch the alfa/beta version of the prototypes. And relaunch again if you fail. Never forget one thing,

Life is not fair, get use to it

as said by Bill Gates.

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